I was approached by an agency to be the branding and design expert for their marketing and PR team for a new high-rise development in Seattle.

Graystone is First Hill’s newest elegant 271-unit building and offers studios and two-bedroom condominium residences.

The name came from a historic building in that neighbourhood that was known for its elegance. It was time to reimagine an era of sophistication by anchoring the visual identity and interior design in the design style of Art Deco (which was the style of the original Graystone building).

As the architecture of the building leaned towards being modern, it was important to explore what the right amount of Art Deco was to use as decoration within our designs. We chose to focus on a simple but elegant line that weaved its way through the design elements as well as making up part of the G logo mark. This, coupled with an elegant copper colour and deep rich blue, added the level of sophistication that the brand required.

The brand was rolled out with many pieces, including presentation centre exterior and interior graphics, traditional and digital advertising, A-boards, stationery, direct mail, email advertising templates and signatures, magazine inserts, and digital assets.

The brand we created made a huge impact in Seattle real estate marketing, allowing the Graystone homes to sell rapidly.

Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand.

Inconsistency is one reason a company may need to rebrand.
Which one of these twelve reasons resonates with your company?


Your brand has become overly complicated or spread too thin.


Business took a hit? Want to fast-track your recovery?


You’re embarrassed to hand out your marketing materials.


You’re trying to connect with a new audience.


You’re not attracting top talent due to your image.


You need to disassociate your brand from a negative image.


You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Your company name no longer reflects your vision.


Not seeing the profits or financial rewards you desire?


You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition.


Your business model or strategy has changed.


Brand and marketing materials been left behind?

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