We only design based on brand strategy (a process based on research, evidence, and experience) and not gut feelings, trends for trends' sake, or to make something look pretty.

The end user is at the beginning of everything we do.



We help companies stay connected with their audience and attract new people to their brand through online and in-person interactions.

This results in repeat business and an increase in new business opportunities for our clients.

Strategic branding.


What is at the core of your business beyond profit? Do you know what people are 'actually' buying and why they are emotionally attached to your company? Who is your audience, and how do they think? Are you aware of what makes you different than your competition?

This is where we understand where you are and how branding and graphic design can assist you with reaching your goals.

This stage concludes with a Brand Strategy report and recommendations document, including:

• Insights from staff & client interviews
• Insights from industry and market research
• Insights from competition research
• Brand Essence
• What, how & why
• Product/service description
• Value proposition
• Introduction conversation
• Tagline/positioning line creation

We are a great fit if

  • You feel your messaging has become diluted
  • You are struggling to connect with your audience (customers and current/future staff) 
  • You have outgrown your current positioning
  • Your business took a hit during the pandemic, and you need to fast-track your recover


Do you look like your marketing materials were designed a decade or two ago? Embarrassed to hand out your business card or send someone to your website because it is outdated or just not well-designed or written? Not getting the traction you wanted on your marketing due to a lack of solid strategic ideas?

Based on the Brand Strategy, we create your logo, colours, language, typography, image style, and more that will visually represent you. 

This stage concludes with a Visual Identity report and recommendations document, including:

• How to use the logo in different applications
• How to use the different Brand Elements correctly
• Typography rules
• Colour codes to be used in different programs
• Photography do and dos and don’ts
• Application layout examples
• Logos saved in different formats for print and digital use

We are a great fit if

• You feel your designed materials are not excellent and not leaving people with the right impression

  • Your design is holding you back from succeeding or being taken seriously 
  • You want designed materials that connect and resonate with your audience and inspire them to act

Based on the rules and systems established in the Visual Identity, we start to build the specific material you need, such as business cards, websites, trade show booths, and so on.

Consistent exposure.


Not sure about the best ways to reach your audience? Unsure what to say when you do find them? Are you wasting money advertising in newspapers when all your customers are online?

Want to know the best ways of getting your message in front of your customers? Want that communication to connect to your brand message and have it resonate with your audience? Want your audience to follow you and keep you top in mind?

We are a great fit if

  • You are struggling to connect with your audience (customers and current/future staff) 
  • You have no idea how to best market your company 
  • You are marketing well, but it’s a huge time suck
  • You want a trustworthy company to take care of it for you


Not reaching your audience? Want to create a good social network with customers and future employees but don’t know how to or are feeling overwhelmed? 

Be at the forefront of everyone’s minds and build relevance to increase your revenue. 

We are not a teen in their parents’ basement, bashing out random posts for clients. We’re a strategic branding agency. Each post connects your audience on an emotional level to why they should do business with you–and not your competition.

We are a great fit if

  • You are not currently using any social media 
  • You are using social media but your posts aren’t great.
  • You are using social media well but it’s a huge time suck
  • You want a trustworthy company to take care of it for you


Are you and your staff Embarrassed to show people your website? Is the design and content out of date? Is it an effective tool and reducing calls to your office or collecting new contacts?

Your website should look and sound amazing. Impress. Be an effective sales tool. Employee and customer magnet and increase revenue.

We are a great fit if

  • You want a reliable and effective site
  • You want peace of mind that the site will not break and ‘be down’ 
  • You need someone to write the content of the site, so it doesn’t become another burden for you at 11 pm
  • You want a trusted team with 15 years
    of website experience


Spent all that time and money building a new website and people still can’t find your Business Online?

Get preferred ranking over the larger competitors. Be found easily when people search for you or your product or service. Manage your reputation and increase revenue.

We are a great fit if

  • You rely on customers finding you via online searches 
  • You want to build a trusting relationship with your SEO team and know that they are working hard to make your business
    a success
  • You want to take a strategic data driven approach to your website’s success

Want to know more? Let’s talk. We can discuss your needs and see if our services are a good fit.

Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand.

Inconsistency is one reason a company may need to rebrand.
Which one of these twelve reasons resonates with your company?


Your brand has become overly complicated or spread too thin.


Business took a hit? Want to fast-track your recovery?


You’re embarrassed to hand out your marketing materials.


You’re trying to connect with a new audience.


You’re not attracting top talent due to your image.


You need to disassociate your brand from a negative image.


You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Your company name no longer reflects your vision.


Not seeing the profits or financial rewards you desire?


You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition.


Your business model or strategy has changed.


Brand and marketing materials been left behind?

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