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Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand

Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand

Time for a Re-Brand? We spend a lot of time talking about building trust with your target audience. This means you have a logo, colours, fonts and an overall brand that you want your target audience to get comfortable with and familiar seeing, but when could it be...

Advertising during economic stress

Advertising during economic stress

This too shall pass. It has been proven for almost a century that advertising during economic stress is good. Before advertising, we strongly suggest resetting your brand. No point advertising something that is broken or not as effective as it could be. Here’s why...

Top of mind awareness

Top of mind awareness

If you are a business owner and you are marketing your business, you may wonder what it takes to get your product or service to the front and centre of your target audience’s mind. How do you become their first choice when they are in search of the product or service...

Generating the Leads

Generating the Leads

When you went into business, you did not just do it for your own freedom, although that is a great reward, you went in to build and gain customers, and hopefully a healthy profit along the way. So, with that in mind, what are some of the best ways to gain customers?...

Habits of Success

Habits of Success

If you are one that has ever observed or even researched what the habits of successful people are, you may have found some sense of commonality amongst the information you find or the ones who perform the habits. The habits of success do not vary widely from one...

The Benefits of Professional Logo Design

The Benefits of Professional Logo Design

With so many graphic design software tools being made available online, and often many of them free, some people are opting to create their own logos when starting their business, or when looking to do a re-brand of their logo. Perhaps the budget is small when just...

Design in Politics

Design in Politics

Design in Politics Pictures. They can convey a thought, a feeling, a stance. If you ever spend time on social media, and who doesn’t these days, you will likely see the ever-popular memes that your connections post and share. Most often the meme is a graphic about...

Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand.

Before we tell the world how amazing you are, we need to review and analyze your current brand.


You’re embarrassed to hand out your marketing materials.


When your target audience needs your services, they are thinking of someone else.


You’re struggling to raise your prices due to your image.


You’re trying to connect with a new audience.


You’re not attracting top talent due to your image.


Your brand has become overly complicated or spread too thin.


You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Your business model or strategy has changed.


You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition.


You need to disassociate your brand from a negative image.


Your company name no longer reflects your vision.


Brand and marketing materials been left behind?

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