With so many graphic design software tools being made available online, and often many of them free, some people are opting to create their own logos when starting their business, or when looking to do a re-brand of their logo. Perhaps the budget is small when just starting out, or the importance of an impactful logo design is not fully realized.

Your logo and all that it represents is the face of your business, and with so much competition amongst businesses, it is important that your logo makes an impactful and lasting impression on your target audience.

When working with a professional, your thoughts and ideas are considered not only for the artistic aspect but also for the overall message your brand is trying to communicate. A professional graphic designer also understands how colours work and what messages they convey to the audience.

When it comes to social media, your logo and brand will be used for posts and on the layout of your page and when your logo shows uniformity across all platforms no matter what size or format, your audience recognizes and becomes familiar with your brand.

Opting for online logo design software will ultimately limit the quality, the flexibility for your logo to be used across all types of media and will likely affect readability when the size of the graphic is altered. As well, when it comes to professional printing services, many outfits prefer to work with high-quality image formats which online services usually do not offer when it comes to downloading your logo.

By choosing a professional logo design service you will eliminate these issues and be provided with a logo that is able to be used in a variety of media platforms, come in a format that is used amongst printers and other professional services, and it will not lose clarity and crispness when the size of the design is altered.

We might want to believe that a book should not be judged by its cover, but what message does a business convey to you if their website is sloppy, with spelling errors and other mistakes, if the layout is poor and hard to read, or if the logo they have used on their site or other print materials lacks clarity and appears amateurish. That business may offer a good product or service, but if they don’t take the time and care for their own business and how they represent themselves, what guarantee is there that they are going to offer a professional product?

Your target audience will be looking at your cover to judge your business, and having a professional logo sends a message that you are trustworthy and professional and ready to provide them with that kind of product or service.