If you are a business owner and you are marketing your business, you may wonder what it takes to get your product or service to the front and centre of your target audience’s mind. How do you become their first choice when they are in search of the product or service you offer?

There are products or services that are “top of mind” for you if you stop and think about it for a moment. When you are in the mood for a burger what burger place comes to your mind first. Let’s say, for example, it’s Red Robin. It might be the types of burgers they offer, the service, the atmosphere of the restaurant, or the price, and likely it’s a combination of those things. When places like Red Robin advertise, they do so with the intention of attracting leads (a sale to get you in the door and buying their product), preserving your loyalty (they make an excellent product and offer good service), and because your experience with their food and the service is great you are likely then to refer other people to their restaurant.  Their company’s goal is to be what comes to your mind first when you think about a burger. Those in the marketing field call this “top of mind awareness”.

This should be the goal for any company who is marketing their product or service.

If you are looking to market your brand what are some of the techniques you can use so that you are who your target audience thinks of first when in need of a product or service you offer?

We are going to look at ten ways you can use top of mind awareness.

Front and centre – where is your target audience spending time? Once you determine that answer, it’s where you then need to be. Your brand needs to be in front of them at every opportunity. Whether this means marketing on Facebook, or other social media platforms, on the radio, in the newspaper, or a combination of those. It is important that your business can be seen, and regularly.

Interact  mingle with your target audience. This will look different depending on the desired scope of your business reach. Maybe you are a small local business in the community, and you are only looking for local clients. Your top of mind strategy will be just as important as a business that is trying to reach a global market, it will just be carried out differently. The local player may want to connect with your community on a very local level, maybe by joining the Chamber of Commerce and going to coffee events and other local meetings. Mingling with your target audience brings a sense of connection and builds trust. The same can be said for the business that wishes to reach out globally. That business may want to use a platform like Facebook, for example, and reach their target audience by doing live videos, connecting with people, and answering questions about their product or service.

Write, often – You likely have a webpage, and perhaps are already using a lead generation method of some sort. What are you doing with your leads? Depending on how you generate leads and whether there are questions on your contact forms, or other ways in which you gather information to know what your leads are interested in, you can send out regularly targeted e-mails to your leads. Tagging your leads and sending out pertinent information based on the area of interest in your business is important. You don’t want to be sending information that is of no use. Creating regular campaigns via e-mail allows you to connect and build further trust with your potential customers. You can spotlight new products, send information about sales, send out your blog, or even send a newsletter featuring the products and services you offer and other news about your business.

Be consistent – This is one of the most important elements in becoming top of mind to your target audience. It’s almost like that saying which goes “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. The more you are in front of your target audience, and consistently, the more likely they are going to select your brand, perhaps even just on a subconscious level.

Relate – What is it about people you become friends with? For the most part, it is because you can relate to them. They are real, human and maybe they have been through some of the same things you have. You form a bond from the humanity you share. In the same way, a business that can relate to their target audience by sharing their story, can build a connection. Maybe the story of how the owner started out destitute, and then built their business a certain way can tear down the corporate wall, and help people connect knowing that a real person is behind the business. A real person with a real story.

Catchphrase – Many top of mind businesses have become well known because of a catchphrase or slogan, or a jingle they have used. One you will likely know is: “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. Or perhaps the Juicy Fruit jingle “…the taste is gonna move you”. When you can come up with a creative tagline or catchphrase, or even a jingle of sorts, you will be sure to be top of mind for anyone, target audience or not.

Special offer or discount– Anyone is up for a good deal. If you are offering, they will be buying.

Check – in – If you have had a recent purchase of your product or service, this is a great time to check in and ensure the satisfaction of your customer. This can be a personal check in, or something more automated so a customer can respond at their convenience. This lets your customer know they are important to you.

Webinar – Host a free webinar to showcase your products or services, and perhaps invite an expert on one of your products, or a past customer to share their experience using your product or service.

Referral – Think about offering a loyalty reward or referral program. People love to receive discounts, and freebies. Think about ways in which you can reward those who buy your products or services and incentivize referrals from your already loyal customers.


Whatever strategies you decide to use, it is important to formulate a plan. Using a combination of these suggestions along with others, with a good plan and design will be key in making sure that you meet the end goal of becoming top of mind for your target audience.