Hubspace is the only coworking facility in Prince George. The issue they were facing was that people didn’t know of them due to a weak brand and inconsistent marketing materials. To add to the confusion, the space is funded by Innovation Central Society (ICS) who offer complementary services like business coaching. This led to confusion about who the Hubspace is, how they differ from ICS, and what was the value in each brand for their target audience.

During the discovery session, we discussed where Hubspace and ICS were at that point and where they wanted to head in three to five years. We arrived at the idea of downgrading the ICS brand to one of a technical funding arm that does not have a public face and incorporating the business coaching service into the offerings of the Hubspace. After research of the local market, interviewing current and past members of the Hubspace and ICS, we concluded that this proposed plan would likely prove successful.

Having defined there were four primary audiences (depending on the services offered) we looked at what makes them tick, what they wanted out of a coworking facility, who their clients were and their locations, and so on. From this, we were able to develop the following:

A space for coworking professionals and tech entrepreneurs.

• Business coaching
Private Offices
Dedicated Desks
“Hot Desk” Drop-in Memberships
Event Space
Helpful / Knowledgeable / Friendly

For a thriving local community.

We were able to condense the company’s essence (a few words describing its fundamental nature) to: Independent. Together.

Independent speaks to the entrepreneur within the Hubspace community.

‘Together’ is represented as a coworker and ‘together’ with the support of the business programs they offer.

As you can see, it connects powerfully to their essence; people have the independence of owning their own business but are supported by Hubspace staff, services, and other tenants.

We also defined the company’s values, emotional and physical benefits, and desired personality as well as the experience they want their audience to feel when interacting with them. From this, we were able to develop a thorough Brand Touchpoint Analysis document. It was a 125 page document outlining all areas of their business that did not leave people with the desired experience, and recommendations on how to change them. Each item was graded with an associated price scale and order of impact. It concluded with the top ten items we recommended that they should change straight away to maximize positive impact for their audience and begin implementing their new brand.

From there, we developed their visual identity (all the elements that visually identify the company) including their logo (and usage rules), colour pallet, typography, imagery style, and collateral examples of a brochure, website, signage, business card to show how all the different elements of the new brand work together as a cohesive design platform.

Since then, the company has repainted, added new signage, designed new brochures, rack cards, and tradeshow banners as well as restructured the interior design and layout to make it more welcoming to customers; and launched their new website and social media platforms. Also, for the first time ever they are at capacity, with every desk and office rented.

Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand.

Inconsistency is one reason a company may need to rebrand.
Which one of these twelve reasons resonates with your company?


Your brand has become overly complicated or spread too thin.


Business took a hit? Want to fast-track your recovery?


You’re embarrassed to hand out your marketing materials.


You’re trying to connect with a new audience.


You’re not attracting top talent due to your image.


You need to disassociate your brand from a negative image.


You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Your company name no longer reflects your vision.


Not seeing the profits or financial rewards you desire?


You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition.


Your business model or strategy has changed.


Brand and marketing materials been left behind?

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