Ensuring that every contact point for your company delivers the same consistent message can be a lot of work. But that extra effort can contribute to a very successful brand experience.

On a rainy day, I was headed home and grabbed an umbrella from work; it was new, and I had not had the pleasure of using it before. Branded with the HSBC logo, I was impressed by the handle. It was not your usual basic crappy handle; it was sturdy and ergonomically shaped. It got me thinking about how even a small item like an umbrella is an essential extension of your brand. As the umbrella was a quality and sturdy product that seemed like it could be trusted to protect me on a windy, stormy night, these qualities transferred to how I related to HSBC as a company. As a bank, being known as trustworthy, reliable and confident are great attributes.

In essence, be considerate about how your different customer contact points reflect your company. Sometimes it pays not to buy the cheapest.