Validity Counselling

Validity is a counselling company. They help clients develop skills to challenge problematic thoughts and behaviours that are holding them back. This enables their clients to validate their own emotional experiences and trust their own internal wisdom. By learning how to manage their emotions and navigate life’s inevitable hurts and challenges, they can make effective decisions, act in their own best interests, and live better lives.

Having been in partnership for 12 years with another company, it was time for my client to start their own company and rebrand. Over the years, Validity has grown to be a respected and valued local business, with an ever-growing and diverse team of skilled counsellors.

We thoroughly researched the competition, both locally and online, and looked at what Validity could own. From this, we were able to develop the following:


Validity is an established evidence-based counselling company that helps customers manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.


• Validity teaches their clients the skills necessary to help themselves through life’s curveballs so that they do not need to rely on counselling every time.

  • Using evidence-based treatment that gets positive results.
  • Helping our clients to determine what to change and what they want to accept.
  • Helping our clients improve their inner peace and contentment by decreasing their personal suffering.
  • Having a group of skilled and educated staff (using varied modalities) with Masters degrees.


For a better life.

The ‘why’ became the company’s essence, a few words describing its fundamental nature. A better life. Everything we do is with the goal of helping clients move towards a better life. Better can be assessed in terms of baby steps, massive transformations, and everything in between.

The tagline we created, “Skills for a better life,” speaks to clients learning the skills to help themselves independently manage life’s curveballs, resulting in a better life.

We wrote the introduction conversation for the company and divided it into three distinct paragraphs:

“With the mindset that there is nothing about your authentic self that needs fixing, we can explore where life can be better. Learning the appropriate reactions for the right situations will help you successfully manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.

Validity Counselling offers different methods of therapy, specializing in dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). These are evidence-based treatments that result in a more content, confident, and peaceful you.

Clients learn the skills to help themselves independently manage life’s curveballs, resulting in a better life.”

Since the launch of their new brand, their business has increased, and the staff have noticed a much higher recognition of the company name when talking to people in town.

Twelve reasons you may need to rebrand.

Inconsistency is one reason a company may need to rebrand.
Which one of these twelve reasons resonates with your company?


Your brand has become overly complicated or spread too thin.


Business took a hit? Want to fast-track your recovery?


You’re embarrassed to hand out your marketing materials.


You’re trying to connect with a new audience.


You’re not attracting top talent due to your image.


You need to disassociate your brand from a negative image.


You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Your company name no longer reflects your vision.


Not seeing the profits or financial rewards you desire?


You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition.


Your business model or strategy has changed.


Brand and marketing materials been left behind?

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